KNOWNstudents :: AEBC Youth

We are KNOWNstudents, and we're kind of obsessed with awakening teenagers to the reality that they are known, valued, and loved by God...and by us. We want every kid who walks through our doors to find caring adults who will come alongside them and encourage them no matter where they are in their faith journey as well as friends who will stick closer than a brother. Another reason we call ourselves KNOWNstudents is found in our purpose statement: KNOWNstudents exists to partner with parents in helping students KNOW God, OWN their faith, and make their faith KNOWN. As part of our youth ministry, parents will be set up for success as they seek to lead and influence their teens at home, and students will be offered a variety of environments and experiences that will help them explore their faith and discover how to live it out. If you are a teenager in 7th-12th grade or if you're the parent of a teenager, we're here for you! Come to Antioch East, plug into our youth ministry, and BE KNOWN!